NewScope-5 for HP 1345A
NewScope-6 for HP 8560A/E
NewScope-7 for HP 2090-0210
NewScope-8 for HP 85662A
NewScope-9 for HP 1349A/D
NewScope-T0/T1 for Tektronix TDS
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NewScope-8 is an LCD retrofit kit to replace the CRT display subsystem in the HP 85662A spectrum analyzer display used in:

  • 8566A, 8566B Spectrum Analyzer
  • 8568A, 8568B Spectrum Analyzer
  • 8567A Spectrum Analyzer

  • Supports VGA LCD panels (XGA resolution requires special order)
  • Bitmap font gives better clarity over the original vector font when rendered on an LCD panel
  • Enlarged markers in user configurable shape and colors
  • Resolution enhancement takes advantage of the 1024 point original resolution of the 85662A display and gives a smooth curve with reduced jaggedness
  • Four display schemes selectable by the align pot
  • Sweeps of 10ms down to 1us are now digitized and stored in trace A memory, which can be captured via GPIB. The X axis is timed with a crystal oscillator and requires no adjustment
  • Compatible with existing GPIB automation software
  • The LCD back light is powered from the power supply used for the CRT high voltage module

For more information, click to open the Operating Manual with installation instructions:

NewScope-8 Operating Manual

NewScope-8 Color LCD Display on HP 8568B Spectrum Analyzer (click to zoom in)

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