NewScope-5 for HP 1345A
NewScope-6 for HP 8560A/E
NewScope-7 for HP 2090-0210
NewScope-8 for HP 85662A
NewScope-9 for HP 1349A/D
NewScope-T0/T1 for Tektronix TDS
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NewScope-7 is a series of LCD retrofit kits that replaces the HP 2090-0210 (Sony CHM-7501-00) color CRT used in select HP/Agilent instruments. There are several variants of the NewScope-7 kit:

» NewScope-7A for HP 70004A Color System Display
» NewScope-7B for HP8752A, 8752C, 8753C, 8753D, 8702B, 8702D,
8719A, 8719C, 8720B, 8720C, 8722A, 8722C, 
8757C, 8757D, 8757E Network Analyzers
» NewScope-7C for HP85101C 8510C Display/Processor
» NewScope-7D for HP8751A Network Analyzer,
4396A Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer, 
4352A VCO/PLL Signal Analyzer

  • Digitally reproduces the original image designed for the CRT display
  • Scaling optimized for display picture aspect ratio and soft menu alignment
  • Compatible with all firmware versions. No changes to the instrument’s original firmware
  • High brightness LCD panel (in NewScope-7B/C/D)
  • Optional analog VGA output at XGA resolution (1024x768)

For more information, click to open the Operating Manual with installation instructions:

NewScope-7A Operating Manual
NewScope-7B Operating Manual
NewScope-7C Operating Manual
NewScope-7D Operating Manual

NewScope-7A Installed on HP 70004A Color System Display (click to zoom in)

NewScope-7B Installed on HP 8702D Lightwave Component Analyzer

NewScope-7B Installed on HP 8757D Scalar Network Analyzer

NewScope-7C Installed on HP 8510C Network Analyzer Display/Processor

NewScope-7D Installed on HP 4396A Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer

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Note: NewScope-7 is not compatible with instruments that were originally equipped with LCD display from the factory, or those that have been retrofitted with factory-supplied LCD conversion kit.