NewScope-5 for HP 1345A
NewScope-7 for HP 2090-0210
NewScope-8 for HP 85662A
NewScope-9 for HP 1349A/D
NewScope-T0/T1 for Tektronix TDS

Many test equipment from the late 1970s to the early 2000s from HP (later became Agilent and now Keysight) and Tektronix are still in service today thanks to their excellent build quality and availability of service information.

However, the CRT display tubes used on some equipments are aging and the replacement parts are scarce. It is sad to see an otherwise perfectly working spectrum analyzer, network analyzer or digital oscilloscope being scrapped due to a dim or failed display.

The NewScope series LCD retrofit kit are designed to replace the CRT display units in those equipments. The LCD retrofit kit not only recovers the display function, but also gives a new look to the unit, improving the user experience and extending the service life.

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Instrument Model 
NewScope-5HP1345ANowBuy Now
NewScope-7HP2090-0210NowBuy Now
NewScope-8HP85662ANowBuy Now
NewScope-9HP1349A/DNowBuy Now
NewScope-T0/T1TektronixTDS 500/600/700NowBuy Now

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